On this page you will find examples of genuine uniforms as worn by British and Commonwealth Soldiers during WW2

1937 Pattern Battle Dress Blouse

The P37 BD Blouse is easily identified by its pleated breast pockets with hidden buttons and the fly front closure, the cuffs also have concealed buttons.

Buttons are generally made of brass.

Other features are the pleats gathered at the waistband front and rear,  two internal pockets with the size label on the right hand side and three button holes for attaching the trousers.




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1940 Pattern Battle Dress Blouse

The P40 BD Blouse is a simplified version of the P37 introduced to reduce the amount of material required and speed up the manufacturing time.

Identified by its unpleated breast pockets and generally lacking the pleats at the waist band. All buttons are now exposed on pockets, front closure and cuffs.

Buttons are now a type of plastic.

Other differences are the single internal pocket on the left   with size label attached and only two button holes for attaching the jacket and trousers together.


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1937 Pattern Battle Dress Trousers

Identified by the belt loops around the waist, tabs and buttons at the bottom of trouser legs (used to gather the trouser leg in before attaching gaiters), concealed button on map pocket and also the lack of button on the field dressing pocket.

Also of note is the single rear pocket on the right.



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1940 Pattern Battle Dress Trousers

Like the 40 Pattern Blouse the 40 Pattern Trousers were introduced to speed up production and reduce material.

The belt loops and the tabs/buttons on the bottom of trouser legs removed, map pocket button now exposed and a button added to the field dressing pocket.

The number of buttons to attach to Blouse reduced from three to two.


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Collarless Service Shirt and Jumper




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Greatcoat and Leather Jerkin








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GS - (General Service) Cap

Complete with Wiltshire Regiment badge on maroon backing cloth.


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FS - (Field Service) Cap

Complete with Wiltshire Regiment badge on maroon backing cloth.

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Tin Helmet

Complete with camouflage Net.

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Ammunition (Ammo) Boots & Gaiters




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