Pvt Fred Ridout

Pvt Fred Ridout - Radio Operator with A Company, 4th Wilts.

We are very grateful to Fred for the following photographs, showing men and machines of the 4th Wiltshire's.



Sergeants, 4th Battalion The Wiltshire Regiment, April 1944


"B" Company under Corporal George Roberts

Pte's Beasley & Cooper with Madam Nedonsel after liberating Giverny

Cpl J Hanson, Pte Alex Feltham, Sgt Jack Reavley, Pte Tony Anthony, Pte Chicko Cooper & Pte Beasley.

Captain F Kinns, 4th Wiltshire's Padre.

Pte Alex Feltham with children from liberated Giverny

Time to relax after the battle of Giverny.

In the garden of Claude Monet, men of the 4th Wiltshire's pose for a photograph with the liberated.

Pte Dennis R Saunders, D Company, first to enter Giverny, wounded on 27th August 1944.

Men of 4th Wilts carrier platoon in Monets garden. Back, left to right. Chicko Cooper, Pte Beasley, Ray Bunn (pipe) carrier driver, Tubby Kirk, unknown, Sgt Jack Reavley, Owen Legge, Alex Feltham, Front, Jim Teare, Tony Anthony (carrier driver), Cpl Charlie White, unknown.

Sgt Jack Reavley

The Seine at Vernon.

4th Wiltshire's vehicles in the centre of Valkenswaard, Holland, September1944.


4th Wiltshire's graves at Vernonnet


Fred Ridout with some members of 4th Wiltshire's LHG at Trowbridge Veterans Show 2009.







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