History of 4th Wiltshire's LHG

Members of the 4th Wilts are of various ages and walks of life but they all share a common interest in WW2.
fairford_2003.jpg (12115 bytes)It was two Brothers who first had the idea to form a group portraying the WW2 British soldier. Their home regiment was a natural choice so the 4th Wiltshire's Living History Group was founded.

As keen collectors who already owned a Ford WOT Truck, a number of Jeeps and many uniforms and items of equipment, David and Kevin Smart felt there was no better way to display their collection than to become "Tommies" at the weekend.

Initially Dave and Kev, suitably attired in Battledress uniform, would attend various local events along with their vehicles and put on quite an impressive display ofwilts1.jpg (121498 bytes) equipment. They succeeded in recreating a small encampment that brought history to life.

Portraying the Wiltshire's as authenticly as possible was their aim and they would always attract a good deal of praise from the public, fellow enthusiast and most importantly from veterans. It was at these shows that Dave and Kev started to seek out like minded people to recruit into the Wiltshire's, it wasn't easy but with their enthusiasm and determination the group started to expand.

Our first show as a group was the M.V.T. National Show at Kemble Airfield in June 2003. Putting on a large(ish) display was a new experience for us, but we were determined to do our best, which included our wartime bicycles. Our efforts were rewarded with first prize in the WW2 Living History category. a moment which made our founders very proud indeed.

awardkemble.jpg (60792 bytes)Now in our fourteenth year, our numbers have increased steadily and our collection of equipment, weapons and vehicles has grown to form an impressive display. Our vehicle collection includes a Ford WOT Truck, numerous Wiilys MB and Ford GPW Jeeps and Trailers, Motorcycles, an Austin 10 Staff Car, a magnificent 6 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun and of course our Bicycles.

We also have an impressive display centrepiece in the form of a bombed-out French Farmhouse. This farmhouse was designed and built by our members and since it was first unveiled has received much praise from fellow living history groups and the public alike, including a movie props executive. This farmhouse provides the group with a very realistic backdrop for our vehicles and equipment and allows the public to see the WW2 Tommy in a very authentic looking setting. Our full dispaly can be seen at most of the shows we attend during the year.


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