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On this page you will find examples of the basic Webbing, equipment and accessories as used by British and Commonwealth Soldiers during WW2.


37 Pattern Webbing Equipment.

Includes Belt, Cross Straps, Ammo Pouches, Water Bottle & Carrier, Entrenching Tool & Carrier, Pig Stick Bayonet & Frog.

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37 Pattern Webbing Equipment in Battle Order.

As above with the addition of Small Pack & L Straps and Lightweight Respirator, Groundsheet/Gascape.

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Entrenching Tool Shaft, Helve and Webbing Carrier. britkit07w.jpg (41358 bytes)


Water Bottle with different versions of Webbing Carrier. britkit05w.jpg (20029 bytes)


General Service Respirator Mark IV & MK VII Bag with MK III Anti-gas eyeshields britkit09w.jpg (34364 bytes)


Light pattern Anti-gas Respirator introduced in early 1943.

Commonly refered to as the "Airborne" respirator it was however widely issued, especially from D-Day onwards.


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Includes Razor & Spare Blades, Shaving Brush & Soap, Mirror, Toothbrush & Paste, Comb and Spare Boot Laces.

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Housewife - Sewing Kit issued to each Soldier so they can perform basic field repairs to there Uniform.

Includes Cotton, Darning wool, Needles, Thimble and Spare buttons.

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Some of the items carried in the Small Pack or Entrenching Tool Carrier.

Rifle cleaning kit, Button stick & Polish, Dubbin & Brush, Foot powder and Jack Knife with Lanyard.


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