Cpl Allan Noyce

Richard Noyce has also kindly sent in photo's and research material on his Grandfather Cpl A A F Noyce who was also a carrier driver in S Company. Below are pictures of Cpl Noyce along with some of Richards research.

Cpl A A F Noyce in BD Uniform

My Grandfather Cpl A A F Noyce served with S Company (Carrier Platoon) and was kIA at Hill 112 on 10/7/44.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in what he did in Normandy, and together with my brother we have carried out lots of research into the role of the carrier platoon in Normandy, initially from 'The Maroon Square' 4th Wilts  and '43rd Wessex Division in NW Europe' both books passed down from Gt Grandfather to my father and now to me & my brother.

I also managed to track down copies of a personal diary kept by Capt W I Smith who was a Canloan officer and 2nd in command of the Carrier Platoon at Hill 112. He was a professional archivist and kept detailed accounts of his memoirs and papers which are now in the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa. The diary is the most detailed account I have seen for Hill 112 listing names of whole carrier platoon approx 60 with next of kin details, individual section patrols etc and the formation and role of individual carrier sections (W, X, Y, & Z) on 10 July at Hill 112.  

My grandfather is also mentioned in Smith’s memoirs as being dug in with his bren section at the side of a driveway to a big house in Fountaine Etoupefour and being restrained from opening fire on what turned out to be a friendly patrol not aware of the carriers movements!

Thanks to Sgt Tom Wheeler I've virtually identified who was in each carrier, 3 carriers per section 4 men to carrier but one LOB - left out of battle in reserve.

Unfortunately my grandfather was not in Tom Wheeler's section but in one of the two forward sections. When Tom heard my grandfather had been killed he asked permission from Lt Smith to go forward to recover his personal effects. Before he was able to do so he was wounded when a Tiger tank fired a shell between him and his driver in the front seat of the carrier. He was then evacuated badly burned as was Lt Smith (wounded by shrapnel). Tom didn't actually remember (when I met him) that he was looking for my grandfather when he was wounded but this was recounted in Smith's memoirs and Sgt Wheelers encounter with the Tiger appears in the Maroon Square.

I have the battle map for Hill 112 and have visited the hill many times. The Grid references for start line, objectives given in Smith's diary all match up!

Thanks for keeping 4th Wilts alive!

Best wishes

Richard Noyce


Cpl A A F Noyce in Dress Uniform

Cpl A A F Noyce


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